Atturo and the second novelty of the Trail Blade Sport family

Atturo Tires during the SEMA show 2019, which was held from November 5 to 8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, introduced the secondary market-oriented off-road development Atturo Trail Blade ATS (AT Sport) , which is an extension of the product range of the Atturo Trail Blade A model / T.

AT Sport is the manufacturer’s second model in the new Atturo Trail Blade Sport tire range. The first, recall, was the Atturo Trail Blade MTS (MT Sport) . It was presented exactly before the start of the exhibition.

The developers of the new All-Terrain sports tires have provided them with a unique tread pattern designed to provide reliable grip on paved roads and easy off-road conditions, said Shina Guide , a technical specialist , and, as a result of Atturo’s collaboration with Quartermaster Knives, the upper side part the walls of the Trail Blade ATS there were special elements modeled on the “motives” of the design of the QSE-5 knife that protect the tire from stones, trees and curbs.

Trail Blade ATS uses large, deep-cut tread blocks to provide superior traction and handling. The narrow center rib helps improve directional stability, while the wide channels between the blocks quickly divert water from the contact patch for stable operation of the Atturo Trail Blade ATS on wet roads. Read atturo trail blade at review for additional details.

When launched at the beginning of 2020, the Trail Blade AT Sport product range will include both metric and flotation sizes with landing diameters ranging from 17 to 24 inches. In some sizes, a heavy-duty 12-layer design will be used to provide the higher load capacity and air pressure required for 2500/3500 series trucks.

Atturo introduced its SUV tires in the European market

The American company Atturo Tires, specializing in the development of tires for crossovers, SUVs and pickups and producing these tires under the same brand name at the facilities of the Federal Corporation in Taiwan, took part in the recently completed Tire Cologne 2018 tire industry exhibition in Cologne, Germany. At its Atturo Tires booth presented a collection of tires characterized by a stylish aggressive design and designed for use both on public roads and off-road.

Of the tires presented at the stand of the American company, Atturo Trail Blade A / T was used by the public, intended for owners of light trucks and SUVs who need reliable and versatile all -terrain tires at an affordable price. Atturo Tires booth visitors were also presented with high performance AZ850 summer SUV tires, AZ800 UHP sports tires, AZ610 touring all-weather tires and AW730 Ice winter friction tires , which, according to the American company, will help it conquer the European market.