New opportunity in IOST/BTC

Decent fundamentals, nice technical breakout

Hi y’all,

Congratulations to everybody who took the ADA BTC Trade.

You're up roughly 25% without any leverage.. take some off here and prepare to add on a dip.. I’ve highlighted a possible re-entry area...

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I’ve also prepared a quick video for you explaining today’s setup:

Any questions? Let me know :)

Cardano looking to move higher

A closer look at a recent opportunity setting up

You are looking at a weekly chart of ADABTC.

Cardano, a top 20 project, is what some people believe to be an Ethereum-killer. While it has many advantages like an active development team, up-to-date activity on github and social channels it hasn’t yet gained the same traction with users Ethereum has.

We like top 20 coins because of liquidity on most exchanges — after all, why get in if you can’t get out or the bid-ask spread is not tight enough?

What we are seeing now is a notable change in trend as the coin has closed above it’s 30 week moving average for the first time in a year.

It’s also been accompanied by increasing volume which is a needed confirmation sign.

Long term traders looking to profit from Cardano in the months ahead can take a position here (1242 satoshis) and on any pullbacks up to 1150.

If we close below 1150 on a weekly level - it’s time to get out.

Your risk is defined to 7-8% and potential upside is somewhere around 60-80%. My kind of risk reward!

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